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A new year

Firstly, anyone waiting for my Memor32 review will be pleased to see it’s now up at PS2 Save Tools (after 7 revisions) 🙂

December was a challenging month to say the least and resulted in me dropping off the internet for a short while to recouperate and concentrate on that pesky thing known as Real Life. Illness combined with technology problems (including a damaged laptop, a totally destroyed phone and net connectivity akin somewhat to that of some string and a couple bean cans) left me reeling slightly but I’m getting back on top of things at last 🙂
Apologies to anyone awaiting an email responce from myself, I have 2000+ emails to sort through and will be responding as soon as I can!

Here’s to 2008, a milestone year for both myself and my girlfriend and hopefully some milestones in the hacking community!

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Where’s the Memor32 review?

Edit: My Memor32 review is now up 🙂

I was due to publish my Memor32 review today but as I gave it a final check over before hitting the publish button I noticed whole sections were out of date due to the sterling work by the Memor32 team. Over the course of the review the product has been continually improving, this makes writing a review very difficult as the bar is almost always moving but is great news for the consumer, if only more companies were this fast with support issues.

Initially the Memor32 failed my benchmark tests however over the course of a week the Memor32 team have done a fantastic job in fixing the problem, leaving me with an out of date review to sort out 🙂 I’ve worked overtime tonight, had to rescue my review from my damaged laptop and it’s now gone midnight, so I’ll be updating the relevent sections tomorrow and failing anymore feature updates, finally letting you know what I really think of the Memor32….


Memor32 Review on it’s way

Edit: My Memor32 review is now up 🙂

Those of you wondering where my Memor32 review has got to will be pleased to hear that I’ll be posting it over at PS2 Save Tools in a few days, pending no major releases from either the Memor32 or Memento team.

The review has gone through 3 changes so far, mainly due to additions or new software releases from the respective teams. The support and development going into this product is pretty impressive and I’ll be detailing some of the excellent features in more depth in my review


Halo 3 Big Team Battle – Capture the Flag tip

Halo 3 logoHere’s a quick tip for Capture the Flag on Sandtrap: Don’t move your teams Elephant to the the other teams Elephant.

Yes, I know it sounds like a good idea, the two bases next to each other so you can kill the other team grab their flag and score within minutes. However, if you move your Elephant to the other side of the map and the other team kill you, then you start spawning on the far side of the map, a long way away from the action and your flag! All you do is allow the other team to get you flag very quickly and end the match in record time.

By all means move the Elephants next to each other, but bring the other team’s Elephant to your base 🙂

On an unrelated note, my Memor32 was delivered today. I’ll be putting it through it’s paces over the next few days and a comprehensive review will be posted over at PS2 Save Tools

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