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Staff Captains Don’t Suck – Asset-O-Matic continues

Halo 3 logoI found time to start work on the Halo 3 Asset-O-Matic yesterday between rounds of Team Swat and whilst there’s still a lot of work to be done it’s progressing at a nice rate.

Before I go on, I have to wonder why Staff Captain’s get such a hard time in Halo 3? I was sat writing some code whilst waiting for a match to start only to hear H4NNIBAL uk giving me grief about my rank. Not my skill rank, but my not very important military rank. I questioned him about this and he told me what others had also echoed, people incorrectly think Staff Captains suck at Halo 3. I’m certainly not the best player out there but I’m not too shabby and my lack of progression is down to the vast number of social games I’ve played and the fact I hate free-for-all (where I found it very easy and fast to reach the 20 skill rank I needed to get Staff Captain status). The rest of my playing recently has been in mixed Team Swat where it’s very hard to progress at times due to some poor performances by those random players you’re teamed with. Some people work great as a team, some don’t and I’ve played my own fair share of bad games.

Speaking of which; I explained to H4NNIBAL uk that I was in the middle of programming and he seemed to think I was making up a lame excuse and proceed to tell me he was eating. And having a drink. And watching TV. All whilst playing Halo 3. Sorry to break it to you H4NNIBAL uk, I wasn’t lying, I was actually working on a project and it happened to error during our game. I also wasn’t making excuses when I told you I suck at Schwatguns, I really do suck at it, give me regular Swat any day 🙂

Enough with Halo 3 and ignorance though, here’s a brief run down of the changes:
Saturday was mainly spent adding code to allow fast and effective ordering by date which meant another database schema change. After that was implemented and tested I set to work updating the popup menu items and adding their functuality. I’ve still got one popup menu item to work on but that’s on hold until I refactor the code into a nice tidy class.
Sunday was mainly spent working on the template code. Templates are a handy way to output your saved data in any format you wish. It’s mainly designed for creating html output like this:
Slayer on Valhalla (13:03 26/09/07) – 1 screens, 0 clips
Slayer on Sandtrap (13:31 26/09/07) – 2 screens, 1 clips
Hammerzeit on The Pit (16:17 27/09/07) – 5 screens, 0 clips
Oddball on Guardian (20:38 27/09/07) – 3 screens, 0 clips
Slayer on Snowbound (21:13 27/09/07) – 3 screens, 1 clips
VIP on Isolation (00:20 30/09/07) – 2 screens, 0 clips
Ninjanaut on The Pit (20:39 30/09/07) – 1 screens, 0 clips
Team Slayer on High Ground (21:45 05/10/07) – 3 screens, 0 clips
Big Team Slayer on Sandtrap (15:39 07/10/07) – 5 screens, 0 clips
Slayer on The Pit (22:30 09/10/07) – 3 screens, 0 clips
Territories on Last Resort (20:36 10/10/07) – 1 screens, 0 clips
Big Team Slayer on Sandtrap (20:55 10/10/07) – 3 screens, 0 clips
Slayer on Sandtrap (22:56 13/10/07) – 0 screens, 1 clips
Team Slayer on The Pit (01:53 14/10/07) – 0 screens, 1 clips
Multi Flag CTF on Valhalla (17:55 20/10/07) – 0 screens, 1 clips
Team Slayer on Narrows (21:26 21/10/07) – 1 screens, 2 clips
Team Slayer on Snowbound (21:53 21/10/07) – 0 screens, 1 clips
Shotty Snipers on Narrows (22:01 21/10/07) – 2 screens, 1 clips
Team Slayer on Narrows (21:48 23/10/07) – 0 screens, 1 clips
Eliminatio on Valhalla (20:45 24/10/07) – 2 screens, 0 clips
Big Team Slayer on Valhalla (20:29 03/11/07) – 0 screens, 1 clips
Multi Flag CTF on Valhalla (16:45 04/11/07) – 2 screens, 1 clips
VIP on Valhalla (23:56 04/11/07) – 3 screens, 1 clips
VIP on Valhalla (17:28 09/12/07) – 2 screens, 0 clips
Team Slayer on Rat’s Nest (19:32 11/12/07) – 8 screens, 0 clips
Multi Flag CTF on Sandtrap (19:01 22/12/07) – 20 screens, 1 clips
Big Team Slayer on Valhalla (22:59 26/12/07) – 1 screens, 0 clips
Shotty Snipers on High Ground (15:37 02/01/08) – 0 screens, 1 clips
Multi Flag CTF on Valhalla (19:59 13/01/08) – 1 screens, 0 clips
Team Slayer on Rat’s Nest (13:26 19/01/08) – 2 screens, 0 clips
Multi Flag CTF on Sandtrap (21:47 20/01/08) – 1 screens, 0 clips
Multi Flag CTF on Valhalla (23:23 04/02/08) – 3 screens, 2 clips
Team Slayer on Rat’s Nest (21:47 07/02/08) – 6 screens, 0 clips
Slayer on Isolation (21:56 20/02/08) – 0 screens, 1 clips
Multi Flag CTF on Sandtrap (00:40 24/02/08) – 0 screens, 2 clips
Neutral Assault on Standoff (18:45 24/02/08) – 0 screens, 1 clips
Team Slayer on Foundry (20:06 24/02/08) – 2 screens, 0 clips
Team Slayer on Rat’s Nest (22:57 03/03/08) – 6 screens, 0 clips
VIP on Rat’s Nest (22:03 04/03/08) – 0 screens, 1 clips
Multi Flag CTF on Standoff (22:27 05/03/08) – 0 screens, 1 clips
Team BRs on Standoff (11:03 08/03/08) – 1 screens, 0 clips
Team Rockets on Standoff (16:44 16/03/08) – 0 screens, 1 clips
Forge on Standoff (14:32 21/03/08) – 2 screens, 0 clips
Team Duel on Rat’s Nest (23:10 26/03/08) – 1 screens, 0 clips
Multi Flag BRs on Rat’s Nest (12:50 30/03/08) – 1 screens, 0 clips
Team Slayer on Last Resort (18:58 08/04/08) – 0 screens, 1 clips
Team Slayer on The Pit (22:55 18/04/08) – 0 screens, 1 clips
Neutral Assault on Avalanche (23:52 19/04/08) – 1 screens, 0 clips
Team SWAT on Guardian (13:39 08/06/08) – 1 screens, 0 clips
Team SWAT on Ghost Town (21:23 08/06/08) – 2 screens, 0 clips
Team SWAT on Ghost Town (21:59 16/06/08) – 0 screens, 1 clips

That’s every game I’ve played up to yesterday where assets exists. These assets can be made by myself or anyone else who played in that game, there’s a couple of videos I’m the star of that I didn’t know existed until I created this program!

The next stage is to start refactoring my code into a class as there is far too much duplication in places. At some point a public beta will arrive, until then I might start posting a few of the Bungie guys Asset-O-Matic results to keep you entertained ;)…

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A new year

Firstly, anyone waiting for my Memor32 review will be pleased to see it’s now up at PS2 Save Tools (after 7 revisions) 🙂

December was a challenging month to say the least and resulted in me dropping off the internet for a short while to recouperate and concentrate on that pesky thing known as Real Life. Illness combined with technology problems (including a damaged laptop, a totally destroyed phone and net connectivity akin somewhat to that of some string and a couple bean cans) left me reeling slightly but I’m getting back on top of things at last 🙂
Apologies to anyone awaiting an email responce from myself, I have 2000+ emails to sort through and will be responding as soon as I can!

Here’s to 2008, a milestone year for both myself and my girlfriend and hopefully some milestones in the hacking community!

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Xbox Live Friends List Cleanout

Picture of Xboxc 360 EliteI’ve removed a lot of people from my Xbox Live Friends List today, if I haven’t played with you in the last 2 weeks or aren’t a long standing friend then you’re gone. Don’t take it personally, anyone I play with regularly will be added again, think of it as natural selection helping my friends list to be less cluttered. On a side note, I don’t accept friend requests from people who I’ve not played on the same team as unless I know you previously so you’re friends request will unfortunately be declined

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Halo 3 Big Team Battle – Capture the Flag tip

Halo 3 logoHere’s a quick tip for Capture the Flag on Sandtrap: Don’t move your teams Elephant to the the other teams Elephant.

Yes, I know it sounds like a good idea, the two bases next to each other so you can kill the other team grab their flag and score within minutes. However, if you move your Elephant to the other side of the map and the other team kill you, then you start spawning on the far side of the map, a long way away from the action and your flag! All you do is allow the other team to get you flag very quickly and end the match in record time.

By all means move the Elephants next to each other, but bring the other team’s Elephant to your base 🙂

On an unrelated note, my Memor32 was delivered today. I’ll be putting it through it’s paces over the next few days and a comprehensive review will be posted over at PS2 Save Tools

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Should legacy formats still be secret?

Technology marches on at an outstanding rate, in a few weeks time the Playstation 3 hits Europe and gamers still clinging to their ‘retro’ consoles will slowly start on the migration to a newer and sleeker technology heaven. Many, like myself, will still keep their old and superseded hardware along with many of their favourite titles.

The console manufacturers want you to upgrade. The games publishers want you to upgrade. The third party software/hardware developers want you to upgrade. Your old games console is obsolete and you should be playing the latest and greatest on something that costs the about the same as 100 visits to the cinema or a feast fit for a king.

As time passes the old file formats get abandoned, superseded with newer formats for new software and machines.

I would like to see software developers and hardware producers open up these archaic file formats to the public. They’re not going to loose any money from it and it may even rekindle some interest in their particular device or software.
Many file formats are already cracked, but having the offical specifcations and internal structures would allow utility makers to polish their code, finish features and more.

Playstation 2 saves

Playstation 2 saves come in many different formats, most have been cracked by talented individuals such as Vector who created PS2 Save Builder. However some formats, notably .max and the newer Xploder save format, remain barely documented and to this day, people still cannot support these formats in their tools.

Releasing these specifications to the general public would allow those utility makers to support that format natively, instead they ultimately recommend alternative formats, which are now fully documented, such as the once barely known .psu save format. uLaunchELF has recently added .psu support to it’s feature list which has resulted in an upsurge of .psu format saves being used and new utilities to be released

Is it too early to release the file specifications for formats such as .max to the public? Probably. Would it affect sales? At this late stage it’s hard to tell.

One thing I do know is that my choice of products to purchase, and to recommend to others, is heavily influenced by the file format used, specifically if it is open or unencrypted. If it is encrypted or purposely protected in such a way as to stop people sharing, or creating utilities, I will look around for other products and recommend others do the same

Should legacy formats still be secret? I don’t think so and would like to see more developers giving the information to the communities built around their product rather than gathering digital dust on some developers long forgotten hard drive.

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What’s in a name?

According to Wikipedia, gothi is

A goði or gothi (plural goðar) is the Old Norse term for a priest and chieftain.
The term goði literally means “speaker for the gods”.

I didn’t know that when I took this name all those years ago. The story of why I took the name gothi is a simpler tale, and I certainly didn’t intend to take a name with religious connotations.

Faced with a relatively immature internet I looked for something unique, something I could call my own, and more importantly something I could register at message boards. I’ve never liked names ending in numbers and hate the flavour-of-the-month names some people choose.
Back when I chose gothi, Google wasn’t the powerhouse it is today, in fact Yahoo and Altavista were slugging it out for supremacy and no-one knew that it would all be for nought a few years later.
I came across an interesting software toy, a tamagothi. Yes it is as it sounds, a play on the old Tamagotchi craze where instead of a baby ‘thing’ you had to hatch a bat and depending on what you did to it it developed accordingly (with mostly goth related outcomes). In need of a name and having spent many years listening to what many would stereotype as goth music it seemed obvious, gothi it was.

As the internet grew I decided to register my surname as a domain name. Unsurprisingly, with it being the same as an existing brand, it was already taken. So I looked for my full name, again this was taken by a talented singer.
Frustrated and wanting my own identity in a rapidly expanding world I quickly reliased that my alias was not only uncommon but very much available:
What’s annoying is that the original gothi domain I wanted,, was previously a business site but now is just a crummy ad filled portal held for sale, most likely at a price that’s in excess of it’s worth.

I’m not a pagan, gothi is not a name entry cheat for XIII (although my gothi cheat save does work) but I might be a speaker for the Gods 😉