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Maffu’s birthday and making up words…

Had a busy night last night as it was the annual tradition of going to Star for Maffu’s birthday again.

I think you can sum it up as:
free Jägermeister branded stuff
crime stopping (props to Fat Face Matt for that)
late taxi

I’m feeling suprising sober and well today unlike Maffu, Amy and Angie and I can only wonder how Fat Face Matt is feeling having had to go to work today and us getting back into town at around 3:15am 😀

New words we’re putting into use round here..

Rob’s being trying to convince me that functuality is not a real word when pronounced with a hard ‘unct’ sound instead of a silent t, I digress but that’s a lunch time debate…

Rob’s created a new words himself though:
biziki – a wiki for storing and planning business ideas

Project Saffron

My business partner and I set out our plan for Project Saffron today. It’s been on the cards for several months now and we’re finally getting to the point where the ball is going to start rolling *yay*

This of course means I’ll not have any spare time at nights but to be honest that’s been the norm for the last couple of weeks and although it’s stressing me out a little, I’ll start to relax when Project Saffron gets underway.

Now to write myself a few tools to make things easier……

Prophetic dreams

Some things are just spooky.

3-4 days ago I dreamt my ex was pregnant (to her current boyfriend). I saw her last night for the first time in about 3 months and she tells me she’s pregnent….

Now she’s looking at marriage and starting a family. I’m not sure she’s ready and I don’t think she feels she is, the boyfriend is over the moon but he’s a lot older and wanted this from the start.

I wonder how this will turn out….

GTA: SA Censor Remover Online

I’ve been doing some work to make the ever so popular GTA: SA Censor Remover available as an online tool, opening it’s abilities to everyone rather than just Windows users.

It’s a cut down version, it lacks many of the advanced features of the full program but does it’s basic task with honours.

It’s currently in development stage, I have the PS2 and PC save support in and working but the Xbox code is giving me some troubles, mainly due to trying to do everything in PHP, definitely a case of the wrong tool for the job.

I’ll post a beta link when I’ve tidied the code up a bit, with any luck I’ll have the Xbox code working by then too.

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Turbo Delphi, pcsx2 memory card format and a secret project…

I thought it was about time I started blogging again, my main site is too focused on one subject and not the place for my thoughts.

Turbo Delphi

I’ve been using Turbo Delphi since a day before it’s released (I figured out Borlands download system and grabbed the installer and a licence the day before the official release) and it’s great stuff.
The only down-side is not being able to use the Design Time part of components but the components I use the most, drag and drop controls and zip utilities don’t need any visual tweaking so I can easily create them in code. So far it’s taken less than 5 minutes per app to recode and recompile them in Turbo Delphi and I expect my productivity to increase again when I finally get time to code again.
I’d suggest that everyone gives Turbo Delphi a go, it’s a nice, fast and powerful language, a decent GUI and it’s free, what more do you want? The ability to create commercial apps? Yup that’s there too so you have the chance to make some money of your hard work, assuming someone wants to pay for it of course 😉

PCSX Memory card format

I’ve not had much chance to look at this but here’s what I’ve seen so far:

  • The file is a raw image of a PS2 memory card.
  • I believe it’s a similar system to FAT12/16, it’s got a similar FAT usage from my quick scan.
  • Every 512 bytes is a 16 byte footer, I assume it’s some sort of checksum.

If you’re writing apps to support this file format do some research on FAT16 (particulary how file and directory entries are stored) and don’t forget to account for the 16 byte footer, this should not be included in any files you extract from the memorycard image.

The secret project….

I can’t reveal much at this stage apart from it’s a PC utility for the Xbox360, it was started many many months ago and I’m going to start up development of it again. FNG might be happy to hear this 😉

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