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Where’s the Memor32 review?

Edit: My Memor32 review is now up 🙂

I was due to publish my Memor32 review today but as I gave it a final check over before hitting the publish button I noticed whole sections were out of date due to the sterling work by the Memor32 team. Over the course of the review the product has been continually improving, this makes writing a review very difficult as the bar is almost always moving but is great news for the consumer, if only more companies were this fast with support issues.

Initially the Memor32 failed my benchmark tests however over the course of a week the Memor32 team have done a fantastic job in fixing the problem, leaving me with an out of date review to sort out 🙂 I’ve worked overtime tonight, had to rescue my review from my damaged laptop and it’s now gone midnight, so I’ll be updating the relevent sections tomorrow and failing anymore feature updates, finally letting you know what I really think of the Memor32….


Xbox Live Friends List Cleanout

Picture of Xboxc 360 EliteI’ve removed a lot of people from my Xbox Live Friends List today, if I haven’t played with you in the last 2 weeks or aren’t a long standing friend then you’re gone. Don’t take it personally, anyone I play with regularly will be added again, think of it as natural selection helping my friends list to be less cluttered. On a side note, I don’t accept friend requests from people who I’ve not played on the same team as unless I know you previously so you’re friends request will unfortunately be declined

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Memor32 Review on it’s way

Edit: My Memor32 review is now up 🙂

Those of you wondering where my Memor32 review has got to will be pleased to hear that I’ll be posting it over at PS2 Save Tools in a few days, pending no major releases from either the Memor32 or Memento team.

The review has gone through 3 changes so far, mainly due to additions or new software releases from the respective teams. The support and development going into this product is pretty impressive and I’ll be detailing some of the excellent features in more depth in my review