Ferrex was part of the team working on Halo 3’s multiplayer option and has a short but interesting Game History.   Most importantly his list happens to have one of my favourite videos so far; check out the Betraytacular clip from the 2nd ever publicly recorded Halo 3 game.

I’m including Ferrex’s old Game History which includes Custom Games, future posts will be based on the current Bungie Game History with the Custom Games Filter applied.

Game History provided by the Halo 3 Asset-O-Matic:
One Flag on Sandtrap (21:07 19/09/07)
Team Slayer on The Pit (21:16 19/09/07)
Territories on Last Resort (21:39 19/09/07)
Vip on Valhalla (21:17 26/09/07)
Territories on Valhalla (01:21 27/09/07)
Elim Snipers on Valhalla (01:56 27/09/07)
Team Slayer on Isolation (03:53 28/09/07)
Team Slayer on Construct (04:02 28/09/07)
Slayer on The Pit (19:59 29/09/07)
Team Slayer on Narrows (05:20 30/09/07)
Territories on Valhalla (23:27 30/09/07)
Infection on Sandtrap (22:07 07/10/07)
Slayer on Sandtrap (22:34 07/10/07)
Save One Bullet on High Ground (08:13 31/10/07)
Save One Bullet on Last Resort (08:23 31/10/07)
Creeping Death on The Pit (19:22 31/10/07)
CreepingRockets on High Ground (19:59 31/10/07)
Team Slayer on The Pit (00:43 10/01/08)