As people have been playing with the newly released Asset-O-Matic BETA I posted last night some common questions and problems have popped up..

  • You must extract the files from the zip before running the program.. You cannot run the file from zip as it may not be able to access the SQLite DLL and the search results are saved in the application directory, if this is a temp directory then there’s a good chance you won’t be able to find it or it might get deleted!
  • Once a search is complete the results are not automatically loaded, you must use the Load DB button to open the saved results.
  • Search results are stored in the application directory and are named gamertag_date_time.h3
  • Searches do take some time, to scan my game history of 1774 games takes approximately 20 minutes. Leave it running in the background, you can always load up some other search result files to keep you interested 🙂
  • If the staus bar is stuck at Scanning game history… and hasn’t changed after 5 minutes try closing the program and restarting the search