Halo 3 logoI’ve just finished playing a ranked Big Team Battle on Halo 3 where I was team killed repeatedly by a player called Tactics117. After the match he sent me an abusive message indicating he’s racist, very confused about his sexuallity and he was very disapointed with my playing in that match. But why did this happen?

Up to the point where Tactics117 started team killing me I had amassed 0 kills. That’s right, nothing. Now this wasn’t because I’m rubbish at Halo as Tactics117 assumed but because I had spent almost the entire match driving other people around in a warthog. Whilst they were racking up the kills I was only getting medals for assisting. A quick look at the score boards medal section after the match would have redeemed me for my lack of kills but no, instead Tactics117 decided to throw a ranked match and start killing his own team because he thought I wasn’t playing well.

Here’s a lesson for all Halo 3 players, especially Tactics117, you don’t get many kills when driving the warthog around but you do help your team win. If you are unlucky enough to end up with this guy on your team, watch out, he’ll kill you whether you’re playing well or not based on something as misleading as your current kill count.