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Completing the .max save format document.
I almost finished them and then got distracted! I’ll have them finished and up this month.
Uploading ffgriever’s new version of PS2 Save Convertor with AR Max save support to PS2 Save Tools.
This will be uploaded in the next week.
Doing anything with my Xbox 360 saves transferring program.
Well I looked at the free space issue but never got any further! I need to check over my old code, particularly the section dealing with deleting files and the FAT code needs reworking before I work on the code for adding saves to a card. Finding out why my free space calculations are different from Microsoft’s is very important before writing anything back to the card. USB driver support is on hold until I get a decent amount of free time to debug why the card is stalling. I’ll probably need to write some C code to test the different API versions between the two languages, hopefully I can work this problem out
Answering emails.
I have a stack of unanswered emails in my inbox. If you’re emailed me in the last few weeks an answer will be forthcoming soon.
Uploading Dex2Raw.
Dex2Raw is a program I was asked to make that quickly converts multiple .gme saves into raw PS1 saves, ideal for transferring to a memorycard with uLaunchElf. Currently being used in the conversion of PS1 saves to .psv files for use on the Playstation 3.

Halo 3 is a great blast, particularly online and the theater mode is amazing, every game should have this! You can keep track of my stats as well as my uploaded movies, game types and pictures by checking out my bungie.net profile. I go by the gamertag goffi (see my previous posts on my attempt to get gothi as my tag) so if you see me online, try to aim slightly to the left of me 😉