Halo 3 logoOver the last week I’ve been playing a fair bit of ranked Team Slayer with my buddy, MacronX. Now Macron has played a lot more Lone Wolves than me, I like the team aspect and when I’m playing with Piggle I also play mainly in Social. This meant that both Macron and myself were at the beginning stages of the skill rankings on Team Slayer.

MacronX and myself are fairly well matched players of about the same skill level so I thought we’d rank up equally. Last week it wasn’t to be. Macron, for whatever reason was not playing to form and I was gaining MVP, 3 times as many medals as him, had a much higher k/d spread and was basically the best player in every 4 out of 5 matches we played. Over the course of 3 days I went up 3 skill levels, struggling to get past 8. Macron on the other hand went up 14 or so levels, many times on the matches where his performance was the worst and mine was the best. You can imagine my frustration upon looking at the stats to see I had out-classed everyone in the fight, let alone my team, only to have everyone I’m with go up skill levels whilst mine stayed stationary. Now this wouldn’t be so bad apart from the fact that often their skill level would increase past mine.

I’ve finally found an answer as to why I played better than everyone else and my skill level never increased: Macron, and the others had played well over 100 more ranked games than myself.

The method of determining skill level is done over many games, the simple fact is that MacronX has double the amount of data being anaylized for his skill level which is resulting in him going up leaps and bounds when our team wins whilst I languish at the lower levels despite being the best player in the match. I know that evetually my skill level ranking will increase to show it’s true figure, until then I’ll just tear my hair out watching others around me benefit from my skills.