Over the weekend I picked up a couple of Xbox 360 Memory Units with some hardware to connect them to my PC via USB and I’m starting work on my Xbox 360 game save transfering software again.

I had intended re-writing all of the existing code (saves listing on MU and PC, file copying, full MU backup and deleting and more) but looking back over the source it’s apparent that what I had written was complex and my time would be better spent refactoring the existing code instead of starting from scratch again.
I’m currently playing with adding USB driver support (I’m trying to figure out why the code is returning an error about the device being stalled) but I’ll start up on the main code again soon.

One thing is puzzling me though, I spent a day on this alone and I’m still not sure why this is happening;
Calculating the free space on the device always results in about 2 megs more free space on the card than the Xbox 360 shows. I’ve gone over my code countless times, tried different methods but I always end up with the same amount more. I’m speculating that the Xbox 360 takes into account that when deleting a save/file only the file is removed, the directory structure still remains. This takes up sectors and can potentially make a lot of sectors unavailable for file storage. I’ll have to run some tests and experiment.

I’ll post a video of the old beta and any progress I’ve made soon so you can see it in action for yourselves.