Xbox 360 Messenger KitI got my chatpad/360 Messenger Kit the other day and found the chatpad a wonder to use. I can name my Pinata and type messages so fast that one of my friends forgot I was on the Xbox and started sending me url’s thinking I was on my PC. I was beginning to think that despite my reservations about the new mute and volume controls on the supplied headset this was a great buy.

Until tonight.

I was chatting to a friend using my chatpad and the new headset, I have to use this headset as the chatpad has a different connector at the bottom making the old headset incompatible. He was complaining of a serious echo and feedback yet everything was sounding great at my end. He rebooted his 360 and still the problem persisted. I swapped back to my old headset and immediately the problem stopped. Swapping yet again to the Messenger kit and chatpad brought the problem back 🙁

I’m very disappointed with this as I really want to leave my chatpad connected instead of swapping it in when I want to type more than a few words. Here’s hoping for a fix or workaround from Microsoft pretty soon.


I got a replacement chatpad today thanks to maffu and this one doesn’t suffer the same problem as my original. Looks like I had a faulty unit or headset, let’s hope this is an isolated case.