Picture of Xboxc 360 Elite
August was quite a month for me, my contract ended at my old job (which wasn’t a great job so no tears shed), I got a new job doing something I’m much more interested in and pays a lot better but more importantly, I got myself an Xbox 360 Elite.

Piggle and I have been hitting it pretty hard, current favorites are Viva Pinata, Bomberman Live and GRAW 2. I’m also itching to get going on Uno (free with my camera) and I’m even contemplating purchasing Marble Blast Ultra although anyone buying games from Xbox Live Arcade should see what’s happened with my friend Jay FNG and weigh up if it’s worth the risk and expense, especially considering the poor reliability of the earlier 360’s.

I’m a big fan of First Person Shooters and am eagerly awaiting my legendary edition of Halo 3 to be delivered, 4 player co-op here we come!

On a related note, now that I have an Xbox 360 I might find time to continue developing the saves backup and transfer program I was once working on 🙂