Sony’s backwards compatibility took a hit when they removed the PS2 hardware from the European Playstation 3. Gamers and critics roared loudly and dismissed the move as a bad one but Sony responded by producing figures detailing compatible games and the dismay subsided.

Players of Square-Enix’s superb Kingdom Hearts 2 are now faced with an awkward dilemma, they are powerless to finish this game on European Playstation 3, as discussed over at the forum, despite it being listed on Sony’s own compatibility chart as having “No known issues to date”.

This video shows the problem first hand at the point where you face off against the Hostile Program in Tron’s world. Keep an eye on the top right energy bar, towards the end you’ll notice it stops decreasing despite numerous attacks making the enemy impossible to defeat.

Fortuantly for those Playstation 3 owners with access to a Playstation 2 are in luck as a workaround is at hand, as detailed at PS2 Save Tools but as yet there is no sign of an update from Sony to fix this show stopping bug.