If your company or place of work is anything like mine you’ll have a team or a manager whose task is procurement. They’ll have a fancy title like procurement team, (in)direct procurement manager and so forth. We all think we know what procurement or ‘to procure’ means. Ask your work colleague or friend, I’ll lay down money that they reply something like “to obtain something”. Lets look up procure in the dictionary shall we…

Procure: to obtain (a person) for the purpose of prostitution.

What about that manager, the one with the fancy title?

Procurer: person who procures, esp. a pander or pimp.

Your company could well be employing a pimp and even a whole team of pimps! Is there a word for a collection of pimps? There should be. Get yourself a fedora hat, furry trenchcoat (something distasteful and purple), a low rider, print some pimp cards and declare yourself a procurement manager today!