On several occasions I’ve had to replace my iPod for a new one, mainly due to a fault with the iPod itself. Of course this has meant losing not only all the music I had on the iPod but all the files I had stored on it to. This got me thinking; what if I was to loose my iPod or have it stolen? How would I get it back or even trace who now had it in their possesion?

One of the first things I imagine an unscrupulous person doing is seeing what I had stored on the iPod such as contacts, notes and any other files.
This is where it hit me, I should place an irresistible honeypot on the iPod notes, something like “admin passwords.txt” which would contain a web address and a username and password to be entered.

At the web address would be an “admin login” screen to a “secret” part of the site containing some important, but ultimately fake, looking docs and information.
Of course what would really be happening is that the script would log all information possible, such as IP Address, ISP, location, time of access and any other information that could be gleamed. I’d then have it email me all this acquired information so I can report it accordingly.

Of course this isn’t a fool proof way to find someone who’s stolen/found your iPod but it’s only a small step to take and could well be the difference between getting your iPod back or not 🙂