What’s in a name?

According to Wikipedia, gothi is

A goði or gothi (plural goðar) is the Old Norse term for a priest and chieftain.
The term goði literally means “speaker for the gods”.

I didn’t know that when I took this name all those years ago. The story of why I took the name gothi is a simpler tale, and I certainly didn’t intend to take a name with religious connotations.

Faced with a relatively immature internet I looked for something unique, something I could call my own, and more importantly something I could register at message boards. I’ve never liked names ending in numbers and hate the flavour-of-the-month names some people choose.
Back when I chose gothi, Google wasn’t the powerhouse it is today, in fact Yahoo and Altavista were slugging it out for supremacy and no-one knew that it would all be for nought a few years later.
I came across an interesting software toy, a tamagothi. Yes it is as it sounds, a play on the old Tamagotchi craze where instead of a baby ‘thing’ you had to hatch a bat and depending on what you did to it it developed accordingly (with mostly goth related outcomes). In need of a name and having spent many years listening to what many would stereotype as goth music it seemed obvious, gothi it was.

As the internet grew I decided to register my surname as a domain name. Unsurprisingly, with it being the same as an existing brand, it was already taken. So I looked for my full name, again this was taken by a talented singer.
Frustrated and wanting my own identity in a rapidly expanding world I quickly reliased that my alias was not only uncommon but very much available: gothi.co.uk
What’s annoying is that the original gothi domain I wanted, gothi.com, was previously a business site but now is just a crummy ad filled portal held for sale, most likely at a price that’s in excess of it’s worth.

I’m not a pagan, gothi is not a name entry cheat for XIII (although my gothi cheat save does work) but I might be a speaker for the Gods 😉