“White Van Man” is a UK cultural disaster. He is usually aggressive, chavvy, of below average intelligence and a menace to those around him in general.

Bear that in mind…

In Ripon there is a ford, it is normally fine to cross in a car or van although in the colder months after a good rain only an idiot would cross it (see where this is heading?).
Today it looked like this:

Pretty nasty you’ll agree.

On way to to the bridge to cross the ford I notice several fire trucks on both sides and of course my interest perks. One fireman is attached to the front of a truck by a rope and is about to head backwards into the raging river that the ford has become because of this:

That’s right, White Van Man and his buddy with no thought to, well anything that doesn’t involve fags, cheap booze and ugly girls, has plowed straight into the ford only to find that his ride of choice is no match for the torrent of water now holding his van in place.

Muppet boy had to call the fire brigade to rescue him.

An hour later I walked past again to find the two lads rescued, dry but unable to leave, by the looks of it the engine had been flooded….

What’s more worrying is that these lads and their like are breeding faster than any other in the UK population, I worry about the future of this country sometimes.