So I go to meet a friend on saturday for a coffee at Cafe Latino’s in town.

As we order our drinks I let my friend know I’m just nipping to the toilet and will be out shortly. Upon entering the spacious unisex toilet I notice the door hasn’t shut properly behind me so I pull it harder. Only to pull the handle a clear inch away from the door! It’s still attached (barely) but I’ve not moved the mechanism so I push it back on, lock the door and go about my business.

Upon trying to leave, the handle moves only half way and as much as I push, kick and barge the door it’s not moving.

A small grin crosses my face. It’s a ridiculous situation to be in but the surroundings aren’t too bad, it’s spacious, there’s water, a coat hook, a mirror, somewhere to sit and if I need the loo I’m not gonna be in trouble am I.
Anyway, I decide to ring my friend to come open the door from the outside. So he answers, and I explain my dilema. Silence……

I hang up, assuming he’s on his way and wait… and wait…
So I ring again…
He says hello, and I tell him to get a move on.
So I hang up and start sending him a txt. he calls just as I’m sending it, none the wiser to my situation. Seems that his phone crashed everytime I called him, so along he comes and opens the door. I go up to the counter and call the manager bod over and say..
“Excuse me mate, I’ve just been in your toilet and got trapped inside, my mate had to come let me out”
The guy get’s the biggest shit eating grin and goes “Oh yeah….”

Thinking to myself that he’s a first class idiot I go out and chat to my mate only moments later I realise I need more sugar, so I head back inside to get some.

Only to see the toilet door handle waggling furiously and a small kid outside wondering what to do. He opens it and a lady comes out. The manager then calls over to the kid with “Oh yeah, the toilet doors not working…”

Absolute idiot. Couldn’t even make the time to put an out of order sign on the door or indeed to inform anyone who headed that way. I wonder just how many people got trapped inside that day….