My day job colleague told me about a new scam hitting the British motorways, I believe it’s called “shunting” and it goes like this:

Two cars work in tandem, they pick a victim, usually a lorry and set to work. One drives in front of the lorry whilst the other drives behind. At a suitable point the second driver overtakes the lorry and pulls into position behind the first car. The first car shortly after slams on the brakes causing the second car to do the same and the lorry to attempt to do the same, causing it to crash into the second car. Cue lots of insurance claims for personal injury and the like against the lorry.
Apparently people are even doing this with children on board, I could never do that, the safety of my child (if I had one) would be far more important than the money gained fom such a stunt.

This other scam is very impressive, it’s always been rumoured that ATM’s have hidden back doors known only to the programmers and now there’s the video proof. I wonder if there is no option to reset the machine back to it’s normal operations or if he left in a rush and forgot or simply left it that way with a Robin Hood gleam in his eye.

I wonder how many people when given a larger amount of money than requested but not charged for would say anything, especially considering how much the banks make in profit each year….

Saying that, this is going to be traced back to the firm/person who coded the ATM software and someone is in for one hell of a bollocking when they’re caught. Kinda reminds me of Office Space in a way 🙂