Angie and I had a little shindig on Saturday to celebrate Halloween, her birthday, some random celebrations which I can’t spell at 23:15 and our moving into our new flat.

Neither Angie or I planned on getting drunk however we ended up totally wasted, probably due to not eating much that day and not drinking for some time. One large bottle of vodka + lots of Blue Charge = lots of fun. And mess 😀

Highlights include:
The fireworks (inc when Maffu lit one and realised he couldn’t let it go…), Angie falling straight back whilst playing with a sparkler (injuring herself quite badly as it turns out), the spaghetti fight and other things we won’t go into here 😉
Around a third of the pics taken turned out insanely blurry but I’ve uploaded the clear ones over at Flickr. I of course have the worst costume, but in my defence it only cost £3 from Asda. And was for ages 11-13.

Angie ended up in hospital today because of her fall. She’s done some nasty damage to her back and neck muscles and has to be constantly dosed up on pain killers and do back/neck exercises every 15 minutes. She’s blaming Maffu and Rob for this, claiming it was my turn to be in the hospital but it’s passed over me in some Final Destination type way 😛